Our history

The power of disciplined organization

The first transfers of goods by TIM SA were launched in 1987. The first warehouse was established in 1999 and included, on that time, 1000 pallet positions within an area of 5700 m2. For those times, it was one of the largest and most modern facilities in Central Europe among companies from the sector of distribution of electrical engineering materials. On that time, TIM SA bought substantial competences used to provide efficient service for the process of acceptance of goods and efficient distribution to branches and customers.

In June 2007, a comprehensive construction of a modern and automated Logistics Center was started in the current localization in Siechnice near Wrocław. Since 2008, the warehouse provides services for deliveries, picking of goods, handling acceptance of goods, as well as cable packaging for individual needs of customers. The warehouse had, on that time, a floor space of 10,500 m2, together with a cable site of 25,000 m2 and 8,600 pallet positions, as well as 9,000 shelf positions.

In June 2014, the Logistics Center, apart from logistics services for TIM SA, started a cooperation with the company Rotopino, for which it implemented logistics solutions necessary to provide services for the most modern and demanding e-business. Apart from comprehensive services related to warehousing, accepting, and releasing goods, it was now possible to also provide comprehensive services concerning returns, complaints, labelling, foil wrapping, and co-packing. Companies, for which services from the scope of contract logistics are also provided, are companies EL-IT and Sun Electro.


The next stage of the dynamic growth of the company is the commenced expansion of the warehouse to a much larger surface area - 40,000 m2 with 25,000 pallet positions. The warehouse has now 7 cable reelers, 48 forklifts, 6 automated Lean-Lift racks, and conveyors with the length of 1200 m. We aim at providing our customers with a modern area of the significant size of 15,000 m2.

25.03.2016 TIM SA established the company 3LP that mainly is to deal with provision of fully advanced logistics services, including storage and warehousing of goods at the largest warehouse in Poland. The logistics center of 3LP SA is one of the most modern centers of that type in Europe. We make e-business logistics become a distinguishing mark in the market and a competitive advantage for every customer. We provide comprehensive services of various shipments, warehousing, and implementation of orders on the basis of world-class WMS system for advanced warehouse operations.

100% of the ownership of 3LP SA is held by TIM SA.